Tortillas press

One of the secrets for making good Mexican-style tortillas is the thickness of the dough before cooking. The press omelets like this are the best accessory to achieve them properly quickly and effortlessly.

Made of stainless steel, with about 300 g of weight, it has dimensions of 25×20 cm and is very easy to use, you just have to place the dough portion in the center, press the press down, and cook the perfectly formed tortilla.


If we do not feel like having another device going around the house, we could be interested in a role as an alternative to forming tortillas, which we can also take advantage of in other recipes.

For these masses, a thin and not very long wooden roller is recommended, which is well manageable, better if it does not have handles and is made in one piece. This model is a good example, very comfortable and practical, of solid wood without waxes or varnishes, compact, also great for forming dumplings or muffins.

Comal or iron pan

The comal is the name that receives in the Mexican kitchen the utensil to cook typical elaborations such as corn or wheat tortillas, arepas or tortilla chips. There are ceramic ones, but they are more difficult to find and less versatile in a contemporary kitchen, so the cast iron version is the ideal alternative.

With a diameter of 27 cm, this pan is a large complete piece of black cast iron weighing just over 2 kg, manufactured by one of the best-known brands in the United States. Suitable for cooking gas, hob, induction, barbecue or to enter in the oven, it is perfect for cooking tortillas since it is heated at high temperatures and retains the heat very well.

Tortilla Heater

Wheat or corn tortillas taste better freshly made, but above all, they should be warm and tender. That’s why a tortilla heater like this one with a diameter of more than 30 cm is not a bad investment, with a very nice and festive design that will help us decorate the table.

It is made of cotton and is shaped like a cloth bag, suitable for the microwave. It allows us to introduce smaller masses of tacos or larger fajitas, up to 10 units at a time and will conserve heat for almost an hour.


The guacamole and sauces and marinades can be prepared with a blender, food processor, charango everything by hand with a fork or using an ordinary mortar, but if we are true fans of this cuisine we love to have a Mexican mortar.

This model, with a traditional design and made of granite stone, is perfect for all those preparations, and just for enjoying a perfect guacamole is already worth it. Firm and resistant, with the soft interior, it is also very beautiful and we can wear it in the kitchen and use it for other recipes.

Taco stand

The tacos succeed because they are fun, informal, addictive and versatile, and part of their charm is in the difficulty of handling them without staining. If we are many at the table or we want to prepare several units at once, a taco stand will be very useful.

It is nothing more than a metal structure with the perfect holes to go resting the already mounted tacos, with its filling and toppings, waiting to be devoured. This way we will avoid crumbling and chaos on the table.

Citrus press juicer

In Mexican cuisine, a good stream of lime or lemon juice is almost never lacking, as in many of our more traditional recipes. The guacamole, again, will never be the same without its freshly squeezed citrus juice.

We can always simply squeeze the fruit directly by hand, but if we want to avoid staining and bones or pulp fall on the plate, or we need a lot of juice, a press type juicer will be most useful. This model also includes a peeler to get clean cuts of the skins.

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