Lent and Holy Week are times with deep-rooted culinary traditions. Therefore, the gastronomy tour of today’s network is dedicated to the great recipes of Lent and Holy Week.

The networks are flooded with recipes made with legumes, especially chickpeas, cod and other seafood, vegetables, humble sweets such as French toast, fritters, among others. All of the great recipes of Lent and Holy Week, perfect to inspire those who like to follow traditions in gastronomic matters.

Great recipes for Lent and Easter

We begin the walk through the gastronomy of today’s network with salty recipes, in an orderly way as the canons command. The cod, kingfish of the tables at this time of the year, makes its appearance through numerous dishes among which the cod with tomato caramel and cream cheese from Lydia, from the blog Trapped in my kitchen.

The delicious cod with potatoes and fish velouté with garlic mayonnaise from Les receive del Miquel are not far behind, where traditional dishes are always found with a sophisticated overturn. Although, if what you want is to follow the traditions to the letter, do not hesitate to consult the recipe of chickpea and cod stew that Miriam has published this week in The Winter Guest or the vigil of Fabrica de La Cocina de Frabisa.

But the proposals continue and, for you to have a variety to choose from, we include three more that can not be missing in this compilation: Merchi cod fritters, from the blog Cinnamon, flavored, quick stew of chickpeas with octopus, from Tamara’s blog Sweetaddict and soldiers of Pavia, from the blog Pequerecetas .

The chickpeas may not be your forte, nor the cod, but you may want to join the wave of legumes that plague the country’s kitchens these days. If that is the case, I have the answer for you. From the hand of Ettore and his blog Bavette, I bring you a stew of vegetables and red beans that should be starting and not stopping. The recipe is from his mother-in-law, I need not say more.

We close the salty chapter and move on to sweet, many and varied recipes. So tempting all that it has been difficult to make the selection of this section, but here we go. María Lunarillos’ blog surprises us with incredible proposals, among which we have the Ampurdán and the formal fritters, some Italian cupcakes that I did not know and that have left me ojiplática and eager to prepare them right now.

Again I have to quote Ettore and his blog Bavette because his ability to fall in love through his creations is infinite. Proof of this is the apple and caramel sauce fritters that appear in the image that illustrates the cover of this post. I don’t know about you, but I would be able to end that bowl of a sitting. What do you tell me

More traditional are María José’s wind fritters, from MJ’s recipes, and Silvi’s wind fritters, from the blog My Little Things in the Kitchen. In this line, but changing fresh, we have also drawn much attention to the pestiños of Merchi of cinnamon flavored.

Possibly the most popular sweet of the time is the French toast, so we also include them in the daily walk. Along with the milk toast, one of the most classic recipes is that of French toast coated in sugar and cinnamon, such as Neus, Cooking with Neus.

In an attempt to get away from the traditional ones, we propose Alfonso’s red wine toast , from Rechupete Recipes , Rosa’s jam-filled French toast , from the Cook and Mother blog , and the [French toast with cinnamon and crunchy ice cream of almond] (French toast with cantorrijas ice cream with cinnamon ice cream and almond crunch) from Adita’s kitchen .

We will close the walk in a big way with two wonderful recipes. The first is a beautiful Easter bread, traditional from Italy, Greece and other countries in Eastern Europe, which is very reminiscent of our egg and egg monkeys. The recipe is from Epicurious and is in English, so if you do not master the language, you will have to pull the translator. Do not throw this point back, it is worth 100%.

And the second is a cute Easter, in the purest traditional style of areas such as Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, where it is customary for the baptized godparents to give it to their godchildren on Easter Sunday. In How I have put the kitchen, Mar’s blog, I have fallen before this colorful Easter egg monkey in the shape of an egg. You don’t?

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