Thus, we compile ideas for these very disappearing days in which keeping the furnaces in operation is what you want.

Prepare a cup of something warm and make yourself comfortable to enjoy a walk through the gastronomy of the highly comforting network. And, if some common effect has the masses and bread, it is that feeling of pleasure and comfort that they cause when they are brought to our mouths. Although now we can only eat them with our eyes, enjoyment is guaranteed.

We started with beer bread pumpkin of 2 slices bread. Simple and fast, does not require long waiting times, etc. and looks fabulous. The biggest complication of this bread may be to find the pumpkin beer with which it is made, but with the current boom that beer lives in our country, surely you will find it right away.

Equally easy and free of elevates are the Mexican corn tortillas with which Yolanda de Cocido de Soup encourages us to prepare nachos, fajitas or quesadillas, among others. In a similar, equally versatile line, it is the homemade pita bread that Agustina, put on her apron, presents us with stuffed meat, pepper and eggplant, but that admits a multitude of fillings.

One of the snacks in which bread is an indispensable element is a hamburger. Extremely popular and a unique dish throughout the rule, if we prepare it with a basic bread-like Virginia’s Sweet and Sour we will have guaranteed success. Although, if we want to surprise our guests, the beet burger buns of Merceditas bakery make it easy for us.

More traditional breads in their form of elaboration, which not so much in their ingredients, are Kamut bread , a variety of wheat, Tere de Las María kitchens , golden crusty crust, and also Eva’s orange blossom and honey bread of Bake street, healthy, aromatic and perfect for a toast breakfast or snack.

If you are more than sweet doughs for your breakfast or snacks, then you are the Swiss rolls of Patricia treats and fluffy very tempting. A bite of the most traditional, as is the French toast that we can prepare with the toasted bread recommended by Carmen de Do not want broth… Then take 2 cups. With a lot of crumbs, how it has to be.

The last two recipes of the tour arrive in English, but we liked them so much that we could not leave them out. The aesthetics of braided bread stuffed with chicken from the Fast kitchen has no waste and we intuit that the taste exceeds it. And the caramelized onion loaf doesn’t sound appetizing to you? My diverse kitchen is the guilty blog of this wealth. Do not miss it.

We say goodbye to you for a few days, during which we will continue to search the net in search and capture of the most original and delicious recipes. We will return next Tuesday with a new walkthrough the gastronomy of the network and much to share. Until then, we hope you make many pieces of bread and enjoy the week.

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