To those days the walk by the gastronomy of the network is dedicated, that this week arrives full of fast and easy recipes with which to solve those moments or “dumb days”.

Having a compilation of quick and easy recipes is a blessing since it allows us to put on the table nutritious and tasty dishes without having to go to the sandwich or the French omelet, the latter always present at my childhood dinners. With this variety of proposals, you will have where to choose and you will not saturate yours, or yourselves.

Quick and easy recipes for dumb days

We have taken special care in selecting recipes that, in addition to quick and easy, where nutritious, healthy and tasty. All these characteristics are met by Raquel’s steamed mussels with lemon, from the blog Los Tragaldabas. A snack that costs nothing to prepare or buy (since they are mussels are very cheap) and that will leave us well satisfied.

We continue with recipes made with seafood, among which we have been surprised by Rosalía’s tuna burgers, from the Ross Gatronómica blog, which, except for the time of maceration they require, are mounted in the blink of an eye. And what about the royal with glues and surimi by Marga, from the Acibechería blog? Of kitchen professionals.

Eggs are always a good resource for dumb moments, so the sautéed peas with prawns and ham from Lydia de la O, from the blog Trapped in my kitchen, has caught our attention. Like Marisa’s stewed potatoes, from the Retcéteras blog, which is called “PIM-pam” because that is what it takes to prepare them.

And the chicken? The corrido chicken cannot be ignored in this compilation! Four are the ideas that we bring, choose the one that you like from the chicken parmigiana Neus, the blog Cooking with Neus , the skewered chicken satay Carmen, the blog The Bistrot de Carmen , the margarita chicken baked Rosa, from the blog Speed ​​spoon and Paula’s delicious chicken wings , from the blog With the claws in the dough .

We continue with a recipe of Mexican cut and of equal origin because it comes from the hand of Mayte, Rustic blog, whose fajitas are a guarantee of success. Another quick and easy proposal is the eggplant and pine nuts tatin of our old companion from Direct to the palate, Lola from the Lola blog in the kitchen. No waste, right?

If we look for something more forceful, then Elena’s American-style macaroni, from the blog My Thermorecetas , can help us. Important to know that the Thermomix is ​​required for its elaboration so that, if you do not have the robot, you will have to let this version of the classic North American Mac and cheese plate pass.

Then it will be better for you to consider Olga’s coca of vegetables, from Nina’s kitchen blog, which is prepared in the blink of an eye. Although, if the body asks you a bowl of the spoon, those that comfort to the soul, yours is the garlic soup Monica, Blog Recipes Mon. Lust in its purest form.

After such a variety of savory dishes, it is time to change the third and go over the sweets, which are also quick and easy to prepare. As is the case with Bea’s lemon cream, from blog 2 mandarins in my kitchen. A fabulous and refreshing recipe with which to give us the pleasure of finishing a meal or dinner.

With touches of fruit come the last two proposals of the compilation. The apple crumbles microwave Chus, blog cuisine Nenalinda, and Tarte tatin of pears and maple syrup Virginia, the blog Sweet & Sour. Highly addictive snacks that are prepared so fast that it will not give us time to tousle in the process.

And that’s all for today. As we always say, we hope you have enjoyed a walk through the gastronomy of this week’s network and that you go home with your hands full of quick and easy recipes to put into practice when the “dumb moments” stalk you. Happy week and see you next Tuesday!

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