I really enjoyed receiving your proposals and looking for others on the net, and I have to say that I have spent real gluttony looking at the photos and reading the recipes. I liked them so much that I assure you that little by little I will prepare them. I am sure that my children will thank you. If you want to participate in the next week’s walk, look at the end of this post where you will find the chosen theme and the form to send us your recipe.

Only it is to follow tradition, I’ll start this walk with three recipes for pizzas, I liked a lot the pizza flourless based cauliflower Mary in flavor and food, the pizza to contadina Ettore in Bavette and pizza of figs, Iberian ham and goat curl with spelled base of Silvia in Chez Silvia.

Another classic on Friday nights is the sandwich, which admits many variations depending on the filling or the type of bread we choose. My proposals are the gypsy sandwich of Encarnita in Paradise of the sweet tooth, the hot sandwich of Iberian chorizo ​​with Neus Manchego cheese in Cooking with Neus and the MF mushroom and cheese paninis in Because I like it easy.

For an informal dinner spreads are an easy option to prepare that can be made in advance and that everyone likes. Do not miss the Ful medames of Carlos Mercado Calabajío, Yolanda’s salmon stew in Cooked Soup, Laura’s mussel pate in the spoon in the suitcase or the fake Montse spider crab pate in No without my taper.

You could not miss this usual ingredient in our kitchens such as chicken, which also admits a multitude of preparations as you can see below. You’ll love these chicken fajitas and homemade Iñaki tortillas in Jaleo in the kitchen, the Crispy Chicken style chicken burger, without Las Chachas egg in Cooking with the buttermilk chicken chacha and fingers and Mabel baked in A nobody bitter a sweet

And recipes with fish, why not? My children would say a priori that it is not a politically correct ingredient for Friday’s dinner, but surely they could not resist with the salmon puff pastry with creamy spinach from Maite on Craving in your kitchen or Natalia’s red tuna and avocado tartare in Recipes of scandal.

I have thought that I will take advantage of the situation by presenting an appetizing dish to introduce vegetables and vegetables , I plan to prepare Evelyn’s potato and meatballs with pesto in Donkey’s Kitchen , Chelo’s spinach and shrimp croquettes in Water Buds, the quiche zucchini Sara in Your vintage drawer, the quesadillas with ratatouille and sausages of Vero cuisine Vero, the eggplant parmigiana Myriam in Como agua para chocolate, the stuffed tomatoes sailors of Carmena table with Carmen and the Miquel zucchini pancakes at Les receives del Miquel.

And to end this tour, I propose a list of special and unusual recipes that I liked a lot and with which you will surely take many ideas to make them too:

  • Tempered croissant with figs and goat cheese from Pilar in Les receives que m´agraden
  • Puff pastry pie with black pudding from Burgos and Area apple with honey
  • Carmen’s Black Pudding in Well drinks 2 cups
  • Minced meatballs with mozzarella, bacon and BBQ sauce from Marga in La Cocina de las Casas
  • Carmen’s Mexican burger in Rezetas del Carmen
  • Phyllo pastry candies with Lidia sobrasada in Caught in my kitchen

So far our walk through the gastronomy of today’s network, I wait for you next Tuesday. The theme chosen is creams, soups, and purees. If you want to participate you have to fill in this contact form. Remember that they have to be recipes published during the last seven days. Until then, cook a lot.

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