Because yes, lentils, chickpeas, and beans will have a humble origin, but they can also be a fancy, nutritious, tasty and even avant-garde and refined dish. Today the Walk through the gastronomy of the network is loaded with proposals with vegetables for all tastes, just in time for the cold season.

I hope no one has left the forgotten vegetables during the summer, but we do not fool anyone by saying that they enjoy themselves much more in comforting spoon dishes. They are not, however, the only options we have these days, as the varied recipe book that we have collected thanks to the good work of many bloggers demonstrates.

First courses with legumes

And just to show that not all field pulses are scooping, we begin with the so appetizing hummus pumpkin of Atrapada in my kitchen. What am I going to do, are two products that make me crazy separately, and I still do not understand how I have not tried it myself at home. If it turns out to cool, we can use that same hummus as a sauce or hot accompaniment of vegetables, fish or meat.

As a unique and very nutritious dish, but away from heavy stews, we have the scrambled beans and kale with miso from Delicias Kitchen. Scrambled or sauteed, because in reality it is a vegan dish that has no egg, and that does not make it less nutritious and appetizing at all. If the legumes do not suit you very well, try to take them with miso, as it helps digestion.

Something more consistent but that can also work as a first course is Mexican rice with beans that Paula de has prepared with the claws in the dough. As simple as combining good red or purple beans, a stir-fried vegetable, corn, and rice, all seasoned well and, if we feel like it, we can give it a picantón touch.

It’s time to hit the spoon

I recommend that you keep this recipe of cream of vegetables with chickpeas and meatballs from the Blog of Quinta de la Dolores. Between cream and stew, with small meatballs similar to the pilots de la escudella, it is a very cheap and quick complete set, if we already have cooked chickpeas.

And it is worth spending a day cooking a whole package of this vegetable and thus take advantage of them in different recipes. For example, with the chickpeas with tomatoes, peppers and feta cheese for I am made a cocinillas; ready in half an hour, or braised chickpeas nice of Delokos, with more marine flavor. Of course, they do not paint but that the chickpeas with stew broth and sauteed squid from Les receive del Miquel, where the raw material certainly makes a difference.

We move on to the world of beans starting with the express preparation of cod squid from Mercado Calabajío, ideal for beginners. Marisa de Cocinando en Mislares brings us black beans with octopus and rolls, combining the vegetable with mushrooms, another very autumnal dish.

With Tere’s recipes, we are going to discover a small variety of beans in his plate of rice dishes with Asturian sausage, and Ana María de Cocina among olive trees takes us to my Murcia with his fantastic Murcian chard stew, combining chickpeas and beans.

Is there no dessert today? Of course, and without neglecting legumes, you already know that they also play a lot in the sweet world. The final icing is put by Mayte de Rústica with its delicious choco chickpea cookies, for a table or snack treat.

Are you already cooking many seasonal dishes with legumes? Have the first stews and potages fallen? What is your favorite vegetable? Surely we will see many proposals of chickpeas, lentils or beans in the next installments of our Walk through the gastronomy of the network.

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